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The bridge between Newcomers and Companies!

We integrate refugees through sustainable jobs into the job-market .

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What is HIRE?

We believe in the potential of diversity and therefore want to actively shape tomorrow's society by integrating newcomers into sustainable employment. We form the bridge between motivated newcomers on the one hand and socially responsible companies on the other.

Newcomer is our term for all people who are new in Germany. Other terms, like "refugee" are with too negative connotations for us. We don't want to take part in this and instead start a movement with a positive, fresh name.

We see work as a crucial building block on the way of integrating newcomers into German society. In particular, we want to place newcomers with sustainable employment, i.e. vocational training (in German "Ausbildung") and full-time jobs as well as internships, which are a first step towards sustainable employment. Because we are convinced that those types of employment have a high integrative value and thus enable newcomers to have a independent and self-determined life.

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"It is important to take social responsibility as a company. This includes, among other things, the employment of refugees from conflict areas. We do this consciously and gladly. In April 2016, we hired an intern from Syria for our software department who has integrated himself within a very short time and is very motivated and professional. The team at HIRE.social was a competent and dedicated partner for the placement, which gave us very active support concerning organizational and legal issues throughout the entire hiring process. "
Juliane Finke
Director Human Resources, EOS GmbH
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"The company Thyssenkrupp, as an industrial company, took on social responsibility very early for the training / employment of refugees.
In order to this, we have put the emphasis on the apprenticeship of mechatronic technicians at Thyssenkrupp Elevator and have found a partner with the team at HIRE.social, who is particularly helpful in the recruiting / preselection of suitable applicants. "
Burkard Schoppmeier
Head of Apprenticeship, Thyssenkrupp Elevator


Newcomers register themselves with a profile about their skills and motivation in Germany. We then match them with suitable offers.


Helpers and mentors support their newcomers with the help of our platform even more effectively in their integration into Germany.


Companies gain access to an untapped pool of young, diverse and motivated talents.


Using our self-developed matching algorithm, we ensure that newcomers and company offers fit together.


You are new in Germany? And you are looking for an apprenticeship place, a full-time position or an internship?


Are you looking for new talents? But do not know where?

We will find for you the talents of tomorrow.


Do you support a newcomer as mentor or helper? Sign up and support them even more effectively in their integration into Germany.



We are supported by different organisations and incubators. Our organisation is based on professional support and is organised in networks in order to get important contacts: