We do not want to label people as refugees because we think this is the first step towards prejudices and racism. Therefore, we say Newcomers. For us, everybody is equal and should have the same opportunities.

If you are a Newcomer you can register at HORIZONT to receive working opportunities.
We believe work is the largest enabler of integration. Therefore we need companies to open up and help people with fair jobs to discover Germany as their new home.

If you are a company that wants to employ Newcomers, HORIZONT matches you with motivated canditates to work with you.
Getting all the legal paperwork done is hard to accomplish alone.

If you are a mentor, buddy or a guardian working with a Newcomer you can sign up at HORIZONT to help in the process of finding a job.


Our goal is to connect Newcomers with Companies. Newcomers are those who recently migrated to Germany. This is our contribution towards integration in our society. We want to be the bridge by collecting the skills of Newcomers and provide this information to Companies. HORIZONT targets any kind of work, internship or training on the jobs.

Find out more about the team behind HORIZONT - Perspektive Vielfalt.


Newcomers register their skills and interests in profiles on our online platform.


Helpers assists Newcomers through the legal process.


We match Newcomers with specific skillsets to the best fitting Companies.


We have a large network of supporters and key organisations who are commited to help us.


In order to validate the qualification of our Newcomers and to help them to find a job, we work together with other initiatives, such as:


We are supported by different organisations and incubators. Our organisation is based on professional support and is organised in networks in order to get important contacts: