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Because helping is the best!

Do you support a newcomer as mentor or helper? Sign up and support them even more effectively in their integration into Germany.

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What can we offer helpers and mentors?

When it comes to the integration and placement of Newcomers into jobs, individual help is invaluable. With this support, the needs of each individual can be better addressed.

Whether you are supporting one Newcomer or a whole group: you can create your own profile on HIRE.social. This is then linked to the respective newcomer profiles, so you can see their information, job offers and messages. With this help of a German-speaking-person the placement of Newcomers into jobs can be simplified and made more effective for everyone.

Digital CV creation with PDF export

More effective help - more time for the personal relationship

Access to a socially committed employer network

Placement of sustainable integrative employment

Data protection through a legally audited application process

Cooperation with other initiatives promoting employment in order to achieve greater impact

How does HIRE.social work for helpers?


Create a helper profile. Sign up here and confirm your e-mail-address afterwards.


After completing your profile, you can connect it to the Newcomers you support. These Newcomers then have to confirm your request.


You will see the profile, job offers and messages from the newcomers you support. So, you always have everything in view and can assist with possible challenges.

You are interested, but have open questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us! Your contact is Christopher Rehberg, he will gladly answer all your questions!