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Meet the Team

We are a team of young people who believe in the potential of diversity and therefore want to actively shape tomorrow's society.

Meet our team!

How did HIRE start?

HIRE started in fall 2015 as an innovation project of the entrepreneurial scholarship Manage&More at the UnternehmerTUM in Munich. We decided to team up for our shared motivation to give back and impact our society. The goal was to see how we can help in the current refugee crisis in Europe. 

In order find out about the problems more than 40 Newcomers have been interviewed in the early stage of the project. We learned that work is one of the main needs. The goal of HIRE to support the integration of Newcomers into workforce was born.

The team

Christopher Rehberg
Co-Founder & CEO

Raised in East-Berlin, equipped with an Original DDR (Eastern German) birth certificate, successfully migrated into Western Germany, BRD. Still struggling with Bavarian, though.

Johannes Geiger
Co-Founder & CEO

Was always warmly welcomed during his stay abroad in South Africa and Canada. He has been socially engaged with Rotaract for many years.

Timo Ludwig
Web Development
Niklas Wolf

Born into a standard-German speaking family and raised among Bavarians, Niklas first foreign language was Bavarian.

Robert Urban
Web Development

Robert's family benefited of the German integration system in the late 1980s. He wants to help others to get the same chance as he did.

Alexander Dobler
Business Development

A real child of Munich. Now he lives part-time in England and therefore knows how important and appreciated support from locals is.

Felix Thiele
Web Development

Having just arrived in Munich himself, he hopes to help others arriving in Germany with HIRE.

Alexander Modes
Web Development

Loves to live in Germany. He wants to help that other people have the chance to feel like him.


For some special things we do not have the needed skills or resources ourself... So we are very very thankful that we have the following people, who (did) help and support us: